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Retailers Starting Specific-Day Delivery Rather Than Speediest Shipping

Leading retailers in the e-commerce sector have previously contested to be the fastest to customers. This trend is coming to an end, according to The Wall Street Journal. Retailers this holiday season are more focused on delivering packages to customers on specific dates, rather than competing on speed of delivery.

This shift has come as both companies and consumers are getting more aware of costs, and merchants are stepping away from competition over who can deliver within a day or even hours after an online order is made.

Historically, the last-mile in-home delivery has always been the most expensive to complete. But retailers pressed for the advantage as demand skyrocketed during the pandemic. Retailers have long been seeking other options to preserve profit margins, including having buyers pick up goods in stores. A significant number are now pushing date-specific deliveries.

Apparel merchant Saks Off Fifth has just begun this service, a further sign that certainty is as important as speed in last-mile delivery.

Source: Supplychainbrain

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