Conductor waving baton over orchestra


Supply Chain as Competitive  Advantage

Nucleus runs all or parts of customer supply chains using analytical, operational, financial and technology skills to achieve logistics objectives. 


At the core of the Nucleus model is collaboration. No organization is best at everything and, like a conductor, Nucleus ensures all parts of the supply chain performs optimally. Selecting the right players and measuring performance results in supply chain harmony. Conversely, the weak link creates discord for all. 


Being able to make fast changes when necessary ensures flexibility and speed. Slow, inflexible supply chains will not survive in the 21st Century. 


And with no two industries’ logistics needs identical, Nucleus is organized in industry nodes. This enables tailored services to industrial, mining, retail and e-commerce customers throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.


With partner Active Supply Chain Management (Asia Pacific) the services are provided to automotive and e-commerce clients in Australia





CEO, Nucleus Group

Patrick Murphy attended Natal University from 1983 until 1987. His entry to the express industry was as National Sales and Marketing Manager of the Fastlane Group of Companies in the Grindrod Shipping Group in 1992. An accomplished entrepreneur, Patrick started International Courier Brokers which was acquired by DNA Supply Chains Group in 1999. A founder of Nucleus, Patrick is CEO of the Group.