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Meet The Team

Customer Centric Culture

Melvyn Lubega

Nucleus Supply Chain Group - Chairman

Melvyn is an actuary by training and is an experienced technology entrepreneur and investor, who has built businesses that serve customers across the world. Melvyn completed his Bachelor of Business Science in actuarial science at the University of Cape Town and a double masters at the University of Oxford, where he was an Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellow and Rhodes Scholar, respectively. He has worked at some of the top global firms i.e. Goldman Sachs, Boston Consulting Group and currently serves on the boards of JSE-listed entities. He founded Go1 in 2014 and has grown it into a world leader in online training with a valuation in excess of USD2bn in its most recent funding round.


Patrick Murphy


Patrick Murphy attended Natal University from 1983 until 1987. His entry to the express industry was as National Sales and Marketing Manager of the Fastlane Group of Companies in the Grindrod Shipping Group in 1992. An accomplished entrepreneur, Patrick started International Courier Brokers which was acquired by DNA Supply Chains Group in 1999. A founder of Nucleus, Patrick is CEO of the Group.


Mark Renney


Mark Renney has been involved in the distribution industry for the past 25 years. In 1996 he was appointed Managing Director of Dynamic and Road Transportation (Pty) Ltd. The business was sold to Union Transport Incorporated in 1998. In 1999, Mark joined First Freight (Pty) Ltd in the capacity of Commercial Director. In 2000 DNA Supply Chains purchased 69% of the business and Mark was tasked with managing the transition of the business from courier to Supply Chain Management. He too joined Patrick at the start of Nucleus and has been responsible variously for the mining and now industrial logistics of the Group.


Iain Clark

Iain Clark was educated at Bishops in Cape Town. His career in the airfreight industry took him to Uganda where he set up a substantial operation from scratch before returning to South Africa with listed freight forwarding group UTi. After joining Nucleus in 2015 he became a shareholder and CEO of Nucleus Africa and Mining Logistics, the leading independent supply chain and cross border logistics management group in Southern Africa.


Tamsin Carty

All about the girl... I believe in the power of connection. I do not like working on my own. I excel when I have other people challenge and push me to a level sometimes unknown to myself. There is something magical about building a team. Recruiting the smartest people and creating something that serves the greater purpose, not only for the Nucleus brand, but for the good of our clients alike.

One cannot replace physical human energy with online engagements exclusively, no matter how advanced and innovative we become. The key enabler and driving force in growing one's business, for me, is in connected communication. There is something special about sitting face to face with your client in a room, understanding and conquering challenges through the exemplary brilliance of people united on common goal. That's what differentiates us at Nucleus Optimized Retail Solutions. The ability to engage, listen, align, and execute. We think ahead and collaborate with clients and suppliers, knowing that the decisions we make, have benefit to business.

Fun fact - I love gardening!

Gardening demands time and patience and has taught me that both these qualities are instrumental in the workplace. Instead of getting flustered when you encounter a challenge, you are composed, and resolute in one's ability to resolve


Stephen Conradie

Group Advisor

Stephen Conradie was Chairman and founder of Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed DNA Supply Chains Ltd. He was also co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of XPS Services and was responsible for bringing FedEx to South Africa in 1992. Representing Onyx Worldwide Holdings, the British Isles-based majority shareholder of the Nucleus Group, Stephen is widely regarded as a doyen of 4th Party Logistics in South Africa and Australia.

Matt Puschavez

Group Finance Director

Matt is a Chartered Accountant and though young has built high levels of expertise in corporate finance and tax, both important skills in helping to take the Group to the next level. Working closely with Pat and Melvyn, Matt is an enthusiastic and energetic leader of the new young cohort that is Nucleus's future. 

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