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Inspectorio Launches ChatGPT-driven AI Tool to Assist with Supply Chain Management

Inspecterio is a quality and supply chain visibility technology software company founded in 2016 and based in Minneapolis in the United States.

In April they announced the introduction of the Inspectorio CAPA recommender, the world’s first ChatGPT-driven generative AI tool to assist brands, retailers, suppliers, factories, and others with supply chain management.

As a pioneer in the supply chain field, Inspectorio is leading the way into a new era of generative AI, where physical and digital worlds converge. The industry-first launch of the CAPA recommender furthers our mission to streamline processes, accelerate supply chain performance, inspire innovation and push technological boundaries, enabling our clients to be more efficient and collaborative across their ecosystem,” - Carlos Moncoya (CEO Inspecterio)

The AI-powered CAPA recommender tool unlocks unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness improvements by addressing critical pain points in the quality control process, specifically related to the research, validation and development of corrective action plans.

Our generative AI solution gives customers a unique competitive advantage by leveraging leading technologies in tandem with Inspectorio’s vast proprietary data assets across the factory and supplier ecosystem. This technology will help customers improve their supply chain management processes and deploy risk mitigation strategies efficiently, while providing a comprehensive view of their supply chain operations that enables data-driven decisions to make a positive impact on their business. We continue to drive innovation within our space to build more transparent, sustainable, and efficient supply chains, and the integration of generative AI is a step forward in this mission,” - Damon Pezaro (Chief Product Officer, Inspecterio)

The future is here...

Source: Supplychainbrain

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