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Parcel carriers’ on-time performance recovers to pre-COVID levels: Project44

Last-mile carriers posted an on-time delivery rate of 85.1% in August, the best performance the industry has seen since the COVID-19 pandemic tanked rates in Q1 2020, according to a Sept. 22 report from project44. Project44 are a supply chain software platform and Supply Chain as a Service provider.

This 85.1% August rate, based on a shipment’s initial estimated time of arrival, marked an improvement of more than 4 percentage points from July. This suggests that delivery providers are entering the peak shipping season in ideal conditions, the report said.

The last mile market is healthy going into peak season. While service levels are anticipated to drop-off, there are not current concerns of packages being able to be delivered in time for the holidays.” - Project44

This means that parcel carriers’ on-time performance have recovered to pre-COVID levels.

As Nucleus well knows, on-time performance generally declines during the peak season. Particularly so in November and December as delivery activity spikes. However, according to this Project44 report, carriers are in better shape to handle those bumps in the road now than in the last few years.

Source: Supplychaindive

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