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Recent Examples of Successful Supply Chain As A Service(SCaaS) Collaborations

Is it possible to achieve the seemingly diametrically opposed goals of cutting costs whilst also improving service delivery in your supply chain?

At Nucleus we believe the answer to that question to be, yes. We've done it for various customers for nearly two decades. One of the keys to the success of this process is a long-term collaboration between us and the customer.

Here are other examples of successful SCaaS collaborations over the last few years that achieved this goal.

- Coyote Logistics, with the help of Vector, managed parcel delivery drivers under a redefined notion of “peak season.”

- E.D. Etnyre, with Tada Cognitive Solutions, overcame the limitations of legacy systems to deal with a huge influx of data.

- Farmer’s Business Network, with SnapFulfil, was able to get rid of the manual processes that were hampering the efficient management of warehouses.

- Fruit of the Loom, using OneStream, brought its financial management system up to date.

- HJI Supply Chain Solutions, with Alpine Supply Chain Solutions, implemented a new warehouse management system.

- Horizon Hobby, with Jones Lang Lasalle, dealt with a surprise doubling of business while improving both supply chain efficiency and the customer experience.

- Inova, with Logility, was able to stop using spreadsheets by undertaking the digitization of its planning capabilities.

- Levi Strauss, with TGW, running out of room in its European distribution centers, consolidated operations and embraced the omnichannel model.

- Palo Alto Networks, with Anaplan, acquired technology that addressed supply issues and its sales and operations planning (S&OP) process at the same time.

- Parts Town, with Bastian Solutions, managed to keep high amounts of inventory on hand whilst also controlling costs.

- Philipp Plein, with 7Bridges, used artificial intelligence to manage logistics for its high-end luxury brand.

- Plant Shop Seattle, with Circuit, was able to pivot to direct delivery when the pandemic locked down customers so they were unable to shop in-store.

Source: Supplychainbrain

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