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Renault Launches 100% Automated Facility Using Exotec Robots

Updated: Jul 2

Renault Group have positioned themselves ahead of the field with their new-generation logistics facility in Villeroy, France. 

The facility is fully automated, harnessing technological and robotics systems from Exotec.

The French collaboration marks a world-first for a car manufacturer and aims to eliminate human error, reduce lead times and improve efficiency across the supply chain.

Renault, which sold 2.2 million vehicles across 130 countries in 2023, is embarking on a value-generating transformation. This focus on the development of new technologies, whilst pursuing carbon neutrality by 2040, led them to partner with Exotec on their Villeroy facility.

Exotec designs robotic solutions for world-leading warehouses and has worked with over 50 industry leading brands to improve and future-proof their logistical operations – and are now adding Renault to the list. 

Their approach will use 191 Skypod robots to automate the flow of parts from receipt to shipment, ultimately dividing processing time by six. Furthermore, the site will benefit from a reduced energy consumption of 30% compared to traditional sites.

The partnership’s solution is characterised by its adaptability to changing production needs as it is able to adjust in real time by adding storage modules, robots or modifying conveyors. 

These robots are equipped with advanced navigation and handling capabilities in a compact design to ensure agility and safety in the busy logistics environment at Villeroy.

Each of the 191 robots at the site are tailored to their specific requirements – picking, inventory, put-away or compaction. This creates a scalable solution adaptable to the type of  product flow Renault experiences.

"We are proud to collaborate with Exotec to equip our supply chain with Skypod® robots, positioning our Villeroy site at the forefront of innovation,” - Xavier Lhors (Director of After-Sales Logistics at Renault Group).

"The collaboration between Renault Group and Exotec combines a flagship of the national automotive industry with an emerging leader in French robotics logistics," - Thomas Genestar(Managing Director for Western Europe at Exotec)

Source: Supplychaindigital 

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