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Supply Chain Discussion

Supply Chain discussion with Rajesh Kalidindi (CEO Levadata)

Levadata is a supply chain technology company that uses an AI-powered system that searches for opportunities to reduce costs and mitigate risk for clients.

As a 4PL, Nucleus also engages in the continuous optimization of its client's supply chains. The business model also ensures that Nucleus is more agile and resilient than most supply chain service providers. We also over the last 20 years have adopted and developed systems to remain on the cutting edge of the supply chain space. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to be a major disruptor in the industry. That means that we will need to understand it and we may need to adopt it, or adopt elements of it.

“Gone are those days where you can decide when you need to act. In today's world, you better be ready for the rollercoaster at any point in time, whether it’s going up or down. And so having the team, the technology and the strategy in place to manage challenges becomes super critical for success.” - Rajesh Kalindindi (CEO Levadata)

Next week we will do an in-depth look into AI. What it is, how it is being used, how it is affecting other industries, and how it could potentially disrupt the supply chain sector.

Source: (Supplychainbrain)

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