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Supply Chain Discussion

Melissa Koeman is a client executive at Varis which is an American Procurement company. Varis is a new class of software, built from the ground up with a user experience that equally benefits buying organizations, partners, and suppliers. The technology and network streamline procurement transactions to make business easier.

She talks in this interview about the value of data analytics and the value of a versatile supply chain. Versatile and adaptive supply chains are robust supply chains. They are able to optimize inefficiencies as well as adapt to and survive shocks.

Nucleus agrees. We are able to analyze clients' supply change data. Identify inefficiencies, and optimize, to eliminate those inefficiencies. Nucleus optimizes customers' supply chains by running integrated platforms using a range best of breed logistics service providers. This allows customers to focus on their own core competencies.

Source: (Supplychainbrain)

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