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Supply Chain Discussion: A Report From the First Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit

Supply Chain Brain and the Council of Supply Chain Management Officials in the United States recently hosted the first-ever Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit. In this interview, the former vice president of enterprise logistics at Cardinal Health, Karen Betancourt, talks about the key themes and takeaways from it.

Betancourt, who was also a panelist at the Summit, says that she was highly impressed by the event. It was needed, she says, to address the generally poor quality of supply chain marketing, which she believes has been “neglected for too long.”

The problem with business-to-business marketing of supply chain services, she says, is that it often involves generic pitches that aren’t tailored to the specific needs or profile of the targeted company, lack an understanding of the business, and are full of vague buzzwords that change every few years.

Too many B2B marketers are taking advantage of the ease by which they can send out thousands of form letters to prospects. Betancourt wants them to adopt the personalized approach of business-to-consumer marketers, which zero in on the individual tastes and preferences of consumers.

You experience that in your private life, so why not expect a higher degree of marketing in your professional life? The tide is rising around B2B marketers, and they really need to step up their game.” - Karen Betancourt

Source: Supplychainbrain

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