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Supply Chain Discussion: Getting a Grip on Volatility in the Logistics Industry

According to Justin Cramer, co-founder of ProShip(which is a global provider of automated multi-carrier shipping software). Performance documentation in this peak season is important to properly prepare for next year's peak parcel delivery season.

"Given that it’s too late to prepare for 2022’s peak season, companies need to be documenting what’s happening in the warehouse right now so there won’t be any surprises next year"

Absent documentation, how are we not going to have these problems next year, next peak season? So make sure that you start documenting today. Make sure that other members of your team are getting the good and the bad.” - Justin Cramer (Proship)

In preparing for the next peak season, Cramer says, maximum flexibility is important when implementing anything. He sees inflexibility with prescriptive business rules. Algorithmic business rules are better to work with, in his estimation.

I'm going to throw a bunch of data at this algorithm and let it make the decision. Now I have control over what data I sent. So where we’re seeing a ton of volatility, and expect to see even more in the upcoming peak season, is in small-parcel carrier availability.” - Justin Cramer

Nucleus agrees. Our 4PL Supply Chain as a Service business model ensures this flexibility. And that customers do not need to deal with multiple carriers. We do that for them as it is one of our core competencies. And we're doing it all the time for all of our customers to ensure that they receive the best mix of carriers for their freight mix, and service needs, all while leveraging off of our system. And carriers can focus on moving the types of freight that they are best at.

Source: (Supplychainbrain)

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