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Supply Chain Discussion: Modernizing EDI to Scale Freight Procurement

Kyle Jepson is the senior vice president of product at Emerge(which is a SCaaS procurement platform) and Erik Kiser is the chief executive officer of Orderful, (which is another SCaaS company that focuses on Electronic Data Interchange(EDI). In this discussion, they talk about how Emerge implemented a modern electronic data interchange (EDI) platform.

Emerge is an industry-leading procurement platform for the logistics industry, with a particular focus on enterprise-level customers. It pares shippers and carriers through an optimized procurement process. Jepson says the company had a need for streamlining data entry and transmission through electronic data interchange (EDI), which continues to be the industry standard for messaging and document exchange.

Emerge chose Orderful to provide a modernized EDI tool that would allow developers to work in the languages with which they were familiar.

Emerge specializes in data integration for logistics and the supply chain, which requires a streamlined exchange with multiple partners. Orderful’s approach is to combine traditional EDI with modern application programming interfaces (APIs).

At Nucleus we are all too aware of the need and challenges presented by systems integration and the APIs required to do so.

Source: Supplychainbrain

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