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Supply Chain Discussion: The Role of AI in Transforming Last-Mile Delivery.

Bart De Muynck is the chief industry operator at Project 44. Project 44 are a technology and Supply-chain-as-a-Service provider. They provide software that gives supply chain visibility and connectivity. As well as providing access to a multi-carrier network.

In this discussion, he talks about the growing role and potential for AI to enable optimization of last-mile delivery.

He says that AI has the ability to provide people with tools that lead to greater visibility and insights into the complex process of last-mile delivery. In the process, humans can “do the job better, handle more volume, and have a better work-life job balance.”

Whilst he says that AI-driven robots may replace some jobs in the warehouse, the need for human talent is more important than ever. Nucleus agrees. In our experience, technology is a tool to help optimization. But just as important are the people performing the tasks that the technology is unable to fulfill. Automation can handle “mundane, routine” tasks, while freeing up people to do more complex and interesting work. But that requires a new level of training by employers. Smart supply chains, or optimized supply chains need these sorts of employees. That can tweak operations, to the often unique different customer supply chain needs.

According to De Muynck, AI is also valuable in helping retailers and service providers predict demand.

A “smart” system, of course, is only as good as the data that flows into it, but De Muynck says some cutting-edge AI systems can output decisions with little or no data at all.

“It isn’t constrained by previous behavior. Sometimes having no notion of the past liberates you to thinking differently.” - Bart De Muynck

Source: Supplychainbrain

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