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The Critical Importance of a Supply Chain Control Tower to Complex Supply Chains

According to this article by Supply Chain Management Review, control towers provide the visibility that is needed for navigating and, more importantly, orchestrating complex supply chains.

Nucleus knows this all too well. For the uninitiated, a supply chain control tower is a dashboard and, in a military context, a command centre displaying all the relevant data needed to effectively manage a supply chain. It contains the critical KPIs the supply chain manager needs to get a snapshot of how operations are working. It also enables those managing supply chain activities to proactively preempt problems before they become missed deliveries and service failures.

At Nucleus, that is in large part what we do. As a 4PL Supply Chain as a Service provider, we orchestrate the supply chains of our customers. We orchestrate them individually per client. And we orchestrate them in our own operations on a macro level. Optimization in one customer leads to optimization of our network, which in turn leads to a further level of optimization for all of our customers. We have supply chain control towers within each customer. And a supply chain control tower of our overall operations (our multi-customer multi-service provider network) so that group executives and managers know how our network is operating continuously.

Source: Supply Chain Management Review

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