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Why Supply Chain Optimization Is No Longer Optional

According to this article from Supply Chain Brain, supply chain digitization is no longer optional. The author speaks about PwC’s annual survey of more than 4,000 chief executives, and how 46% of CEOs reported adjusting their supply chains in response to recent geopolitical conflict.

The article goes on to say how digitization creates competitive advantages by cutting costs and helping to bring products to market faster, while creating the visibility and agility that brands and retailers need to navigate global challenges and stay ahead of ESG regulations being passed around the world.

Nucleus does agree. Mostly. In our experience, although digitization is an important tool, it is in fact supply chain optimization that is no longer optional. Digitization is only one, although an admittedly important, part of optimization.

"Brands and retailers that have started their digital transformation have made an important first step toward a more responsible and agile supply chain. But to reap the full benefits of digitization, they need a multi-enterprise platform that covers their supply chain processes from end to end, and they need one that extends their data across all partners and stakeholders seamlessly."

"That means implementing a multi-enterprise platform that can streamline not only sourcing and product development, but also vendor management, order management, quality management and logistics — all crucial to controlling costs and mitigating risk."

And that multi-enterprise platform is... an external 4PL Supply Chain as a Service provider to partner with. Like Nucleus. Without the internal and legacy baggage from silos within the organization that prevent optimization, or the external fleet and overheads to service that comes from the use of a 3PL. A partner whose single incentive is to optimize our customer's supply chains. And can do so continuously and flexibly.

Source: Supplychainbrain

Image source: Forbes

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