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Maersk Testing New Warehouse Automation Solution

Maersk is expanding its warehouse automation solution and real-time inventory data at its Mira Loma, California facility, the carrier announced in a March 15 press release. The ocean carrier and robotics company BionicHIVE are four months into an automation pilot using Bionic’s SqUID solution that sorts, selects and puts away packages, according to the release. The pilot is expected to run for an additional four months.

By integrating BionicHIVE’s SqUID solution into our warehouse operations, we will be able to optimize processes and better serve our customers in a rapidly evolving market,” - Erez Agmoni (Head of Innovation for Logistics and Services, Maesrk)

BionicHIVE’s SqUID will aid in easing warehouse operations. It can move around warehouse floors and climb racks to sort, pick and replenish cartons from any spot on the rack. The software also integrates into warehouse management systems, providing real-time inventory data.

“The solution is scalable with minimal changes to the existing warehouse and provides flexibility to handle any box from any location and deliver it anywhere with no height limitations,” - Liran Raizer (BionicHIVE CEO and Founder)

Maersk has been building up its efforts for automated inventory management as it looks to become an end-to-end supply chain service provider.

We at Nucleus are interested to see how technology is driving even traditional logistics players, into the implementation of end-to-end supply chain platforms.

Source: Supplychaindive

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