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Supply Chain Discussion

Sumit Dutta, leader of the Americas Supply Chain Consulting Group of EY, outlines priorities for the next five years for supply chain professionals.

He outlines three major trends. First, there’s a big push to increase operational agility. Second, supply chain officers must show they're effectively using the digital technologies available. And lastly, there’s a need to re-engineer global supply chains.

"Just to elaborate a bit on the operational side of things — we see supply chains beset right now with issues on a continuing basis: COVID-19, geopolitical threats, climate continues to be challenging, sustainability and risk. So you take all of those, and there's a real need to develop your operations capability on the design side of the supply chain strategy or architecture side of things. Given all of these factors, there's a need for supply chain officers to say, ‘What is my supply chain of the future?’”

He advises prioritizing these three things in particular. "One, am I designing my supply chain for agility? Two, have I designed my supply chain in a way that it actually has structural agility, and is structurally responding to the goals of the future? And three, am I leveraging all of the digital technologies available to us?”

On these points, Nucleus agrees. Our 4Pl(SaaS) business model enables our clients to have robust, adaptable, and optimized supply chains. Whilst also taking advantage of the digital platform deployed across all of our clients and across all of our carriers. Clients are not limited to a specific system with significant overheads. They can plug into our system to leverage better rates, service levels, and continually monitor and optimize their supply chains.

Source: Supplychainbrain

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