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Supply Chain Discussion

Jason Murray is the CEO of Shipium which is an American e-commerce supply chain as a service(SCaaS) provider. It is a coordinated suite of supply chain products to manage ecommerce fulfillment. Like Shipium, Nucleus is a coordinated suite of supply chain products, but manages logistics platforms for large customers. In e-commerce, retail, mining, industrial and automotive.

In April 2022, Shipium secured a $27 million series A funding round.

As Murray points out, retailers and suppliers have faced a number of headwinds in the last two-three years, but they should view the situation as an opportunity to cut costs, streamline and optimize their supply chains.

"Lean into automation, so when we get out of this, you want to be in a much more advantageous spot." - Jason Murray (CEO Shipium)

In Nucleus' experience, it is both automation through software, and the use of API, that are combined with expertise and a constantly monitored and optimized supplier network that result in savings as well as improved service levels.

Source: (Supplychainbrain)

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