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Supply Chain Discussion: E-Commerce Case Study is a leading e-commerce provider of a wide variety of auto parts. According to director of facilities Nick Hogue, the company recently underwent a growth spurt, from two distribution centers to five, and needed to acquire better visibility into how it was processing orders.

In this discussion, insight can be gained into how Takt helped achieve visibility into its activities on the warehouse floor, and improve its operations in the process.

“Our goal is to be the of car parts,” - Nick Hogue

Takt is a Labour Management software startup. They provide a cloud software platform built for B2C, D2C, and 3PL providers. was looking for a way to track labor in the DCs, as well as get visibility into where it could make improvements. It chose Takt in part because, like, it was a startup company that could provide real-time insight into operations.

Our job isn’t done just because the software is up and running. We take an active interest in the customer’s continuous-improvement journey.” - Noah MacMichael (Chief Product Officer, Takt)

Implementation of the Takt software was fairly straightforward, according to Nick Hogue. Initially, the application was rolled out in one DC, but within two months it was operating in all five.

MacMichael says’s ambitions extended well beyond the needs of the moment, with a commitment to continuous growth. But that requires close control of the order-fulfillment process.

“They were hungry for visibility — a tool that was not just bolted on to their [warehouse management system], but provided true insight into how is my day going, what’s going well and what isn’t, and what I should be focusing on to drive financial improvement.” - Noah MacMichael

Nucleus executives have extensive experience with automotive distribution, having previously provided services to Mercedes-Benz South Africa, Volswagen South Africa, Ford South Africa, Volvo South Africa, Nissan South Africa and Ford Australia.

Source: Supplychainbrain

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