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Supply Chain Discussion: The Human Side of Supply Chain Analytics

According to Rich Diaz, chief executive officer and president of Catena Solutions, supply chain analytics isn't just about raw numbers and data. Humans play a crucial role in ensuring that it's use results in better decision-making.

Supply chains over the past two years have been “abnormal at best,” says Diaz. The COVID-19 pandemic shone a spotlight on the industry, while highlighting the need for sophisticated analytics and improvements in data.

There’s plenty of data available to supply chain managers today, but it’s of little use without the modern-day analytics tools needed to make sense of it.

As he says analytics tools aren’t a “magic bullet” for solving supply chain problems. And as Nucleus has discovered, there is no perfect technological tool that solves all supply chain problems or can perfectly integrate systems together. Often overlooked, says Diaz(and as Nucleus knows), are the people who are needed to make decisions and monitor performance data and trends. Humans and technology must work together in coordinating and optimizing supply chain activities.

Things aren’t going to go back to normal. Disruption created the opportunity to reimagine the way we move product and enhance operations.” - Rich Diaz(Catena Solutions)

He further says that this supply chain discipline has flown “under the radar” for many years. Now a spotlight has been shone on it, and “it’s amazing to see supply chain professionals finally get the recognition they deserve.”

Source: Supplychainbrain

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