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Tech Company Aims to Fix Inaccurate Delivery Addresses is a location intelligence company that creates location data where it previously didn't exist, and builds tools to use this data to improve completed first-time delivery rates, among other benefits.

Almost half of all last-mile related expenses are spent in the final few hundred metres of deliveries due to the service provider struggling to find the exact address and location for the delivery. Service failures and failed deliveries are the result in many cases. aims to fix this problem.

According to, 30% of addresses in the U.S. have a secondary address, such as an apartment number that doesn’t obviously reveal which floor it’s on, or an office that might be in any number of buildings in a commercial complex. These secondary addresses are seldomly standardized (and many online order forms don’t standardize the first line of addresses), and multiple, critical details remain uncaptured. These include the answers to questions such as: What kind of place is this going to? Is the address on a higher floor? Will the package fit inside the elevator? Is there an elevator? How will the driver access the address? Is there an access code? Is there security? Are there business hours and what they are?

Founder and CEO Nitin Gupta says the company’s primary offering is simply to make it easier for delivery drivers to find where they need to go, which makes for much faster deliveries. The many delivery routing software systems available today promise much in terms of efficiency, but they haven’t solved this particular problem, Gupta argues. “We think that 99% of them are the same, if you take out the design. In fact, all routing apps are potential customers of our data, and we actually are working with a couple of them,” he said. “We're also very driver-centric. Most features in our app are for drivers rather than managers, which is different from most routing apps.”

Gupta claims that 80% of delivery failures could actually be resolved before dispatch through better identification of delivery destinations. There are other significant benefits. Based on data the company has gathered from existing customers, the use of its technology saves two to eight minutes per delivery, means 73% fewer calls to customer support, and garners 14% higher tips for drivers.

Source: (Supplychainbrain)

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