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Uber Increases Availability of Same-Day Delivery for Independent Retailers in the US

Thousands of independent retailers in the United States using National Retail Solutions’ point-of-sale platform will now be able to access same-day delivery through Uber, according to a company announcement from both entities on 17 November. The service will be free for participating stores when purchases are made through NRS's app.

Our partnership with NRS will give small, local bodegas and grocery stores an opportunity to expand their reach through delivery and make more money, which is something we all should be excited about.” - Jason McHale, Uber Direct Managing Partner.

NRS’ partnership with Uber will make it much simpler for local convenience stores and other neighborhood retailers to better compete in the on-demand delivery era, NRS President and CEO Elie Y. Katz said in an interview.

The pairing provides independent retailers an edge in terms of end-consumer pricing, thanks to the “attractive rate” Uber offers for the arrangement, according to Katz. It also exposes these stores to a larger audience — instead of traveling to large retailers such as CVS, Walmart or Target, consumers can order from a nearby convenience store.

Stores using NRS’ POS platform “can flip on the switch today” to have products available for orders on the company’s app, Katz said. He added that it’s an easy process because, through its platform, NRS knows what retailers are carrying and selling.

Uber Direct, the company’s white-label delivery service that businesses can offer on their websites or apps, will be used for deliveries.

The next step, according to Katz, is for local retailers’ products to be available for order through Uber’s app and search engines.

“If I’m looking for Nesquik strawberry milk…then I can just Google it and then it’ll show me some of the stores that are located around me that are carrying it, and then I can order from it." - Elie Y.Katz(NRS CEO)

The influx of rapid grocery delivery companies over the last couple of years has put a strain on these retailers and threatened our small businesses. Uber’s partnership with NRS can provide relief by helping update critical technological systems and offering delivery that is free for the merchant.” - New York City Council Member Julie Menin, chair of the New York City Small Business Committee.

Source: Supplychaindive

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