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Supply Chain Discussion: Multimodal Delivery: A World of Unlimited Capacity

Embracing multimodal options in last-mile delivery, can lead to retailers effectively drawing on an "unlimited" pool of carrier capacity, according to Matt Schultz, vice president of logistics partnerships with OneRail.

Having unlimited capacity on hand to complete the last mile is a function of the ability to deliver at any time and by any mode, while adhering to the carrier’s promised service-level agreement with the customer. Again, says Schultz(and Nucleus agrees), it’s the delivery orchestration platform that can make the decisions needed to satisfy the customer’s requirements and adhere to the SLA.

Aggregating the network (like Nucleus does) allows carriers to draw from a pool of potentially millions of eligible drivers across the country, although the task becomes easier in areas of greater population density — and, therefore, more available drivers.

“Multimodal” is another requirement of the successful provider of last-mile services today. Schultz says it describes the ability to perform all types of deliveries, even in specialized areas such as the cold chain and “white-glove” service. Nucleus can perform all of these types of deliveries.

Source: Supplychainbrain

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